I'm Jo Mitchell, a freelance writer and editor.

I have two main loves in life.*

One is writing. I have long been in awe of the power of well-chosen words. My own writing story began with a groundbreaking series of 'pomes' when I was six, and the love affair continues. 

The second is generosity in all its forms – the giving of time, energy, money, creativity, and commitment to turn society upside down and inside out and make the world a fairer, kinder, better place. It's the subject of the book I'm currently writing, provisionally called Enough

My background is in the third sector. After graduating from Oxford University, I began my charity career posting knitting patterns to supporters at Oxfam GB before going on to specialise as a major donor fundraiser. In my roles at Oxfam I wrote a variety of materials which secured long term, high level financial support for its work alleviating poverty across the world. 

After a career break to improve my wiping-up skills while my children were little, I moved to Viva. While there I led the fundraising team, oversaw donor communications and focused in particular on writing for major donors, building successful funding relationships with a range of generous people.

One Viva supporter, Tim Pottle, wrote to tell me, 'You are one of the best communication people I know - everything you do is brilliant. I'm hyper-critical about comms from charities but every single thing that comes my way from Viva works.' 

Along the way I learned a lot about how the right words can create connection, inspire action, and make good things happen.  

Now, at Nightingale Ink, my clients include charities, social enterprises, businesses, publishers, academics and writers. If you would like to explore how we could work together, please get in touch


*I actually have quite a few more, but hopefully they know who they are.