Generating generosity

Like a magpie, I look for things that glitter, for the gold in the midst of the everyday. Spotting a story that has magic in it, that will stay in a supporter's memory, and maybe even be passed on, is key to successful fundraising. 

People give for lots of reasons. Because they have a personal connection to the cause, or are convinced by the need, or impressed by the charity's impact, or asked at the right time. They also give because their heart is moved and their imagination captured by a story that reminds them of their shared humanity with those needing help.

I wrote this letter on behalf of Viva's Chief Executive. The aim of the letter was to share with major donors the achievements their partnership had made possible, priorities for the year ahead and stories which would translate the facts and figures of the charity's reporting into real human lives made better.

In Jo’s role as Fundraising Manager at Viva her personal approach to supporters won the organisation much goodwill. She has a special talent for connecting everyday life things to important issues that we all care about and putting it all down on paper in a way that speaks powerfully to readers.

And the best thing about Jo is that she belongs to that rare breed of people who are brilliant but at the same time don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone.
— Christine Lilwall, Chief Operating Officer at