Words are the currency of our lives. We read thousands every day, and life’s simply too short for wading through waffle. However valuable your message, if your copy is dull or inaccurate or lacking in sparkle, it’s unlikely to get read.

But sometimes words can sing.

Pick the right words, put them in the right order and they have power to make really good things happen. 

I write and edit for clients including CMSCommunity AlbumsGlobal Academy JobsInnovistaSAT-7 and Thrive. I also help individuals with stories to tell or wisdom to share to prepare their writing for publication. 

Please have a read of the examples of my work below. If you like what you see, get in touch and let's continue the conversation.

‘Jo’s copy is outstanding. She always delivers on time and to a very high standard.’
— Mark Stavers, Chief Executive, Viva
‘Jo can truly make words sing!

We commissioned Jo to write our first Tumblr article. The response was unexpected with over 3,000 views and 400 likes from across the world on LinkedIn alone.’
— Nathan Jones, ACT Oxford
‘Jo has a talent for lifting the quality of any draft narrative so it really does sing – whatever the genre.’
— Martin Thomas, Charity consultant & children's author

As well as for commission, I write for sheerest pleasure. Here are my latest thoughts on friendship, fast fashion, refugees, how to tackle tyranny, and why my mum and dad hang out in the centre of Birmingham on Friday nights.